Sunday, June 29, 2014

9 weeks!

I can't believe I didn't blog after my appointment- but in all fairness- I had just said goodbye to my husband's sister and her family AND had literally an afternoon and morning to pack up 8 people, a tent and all the essential supplies to make it for a two night camping trip.   I was a bit of a crazed lunatic for 24 hours.  But we DID see the baby and I actually had my first (yes, 11 pregnancies-) ultrasound on my belly at 8 weeks and saw the heartbeat and a little one inch long Catholicmomma Baby looking perfectly snug in my belly.  (which goes to show some people that think a trans vaginal ultrasound is not necessarily the only way to show a mom her unborn baby-and really how invasive is THAT????)

Anyway- my new doctor (who works with my "old" doctor) is really awesome and she was so excited for us.  I think I gave the entire office a fabulous laugh when I told the nurse that I was probably going through menopause.  Clearly, I should have clarified this thought was just between her and I- not her, I and the ENTIRE STAFF of SISTERS HOSPITAL....

But it was ok because I think they generally like my husband and I and to be frank- it's absolutely so darn refreshing to be around people that 1) don't view you as a freak show 2) don't condemn your geriatric tail for being such an "old pregnant" lady 3) LOVE natural family planning.

So today, I'm nine weeks.  Actually, the baby was measuring as big as a nine week in utero baby last Thursday, so who know how big that little peanut is, BUT, I am sooooo sick.  I mean- seriously, I could barely stand today I felt so darn nauseous.  I know it's a "good" thing, but I'm seriously thinking about doing some of the natural things my doctor recommended.  There's this "sea band" your supposed to wear on your wrist to help with nausea- and she recommended taking B6 three times a day.  One of those has got to help because lying down horizontally all day long is simply NOT going to work this summer of band, swim lessons, volleyball, basketball, and lacrosse.  Not at all....

Here's my cute little peanut- which is a living thing- whether some believe it's human yet or perhaps alien.  It's living.  Saw his/her amazing little heartbeat- just still wows me after all these years...still.
Baby at 9 weeks....

Have a blessed restful Sunday- what's left of it!!

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