Sunday, June 15, 2014

7 weeks and counting....

So today we told the kids what is going on.  The 5 year old (ironically #5 in the food chain) said she was mad.  Not surprised.  This child exhibits "baby of the family" characteristics so strongly, that I was initially worried when baby #6 was born- but she tolerated her well.  Irritated at times, but they are 4 years apart, so the space is perfect for them- 

No- today when we "surprised" them with the news- #5 said- "We have too many babies.  Now we'll have 9 people in our family, soon it will 10, then 11, than 12, than 13, than 14."

Ummmm, not sure who she communicates with, but if it's God- I'd like to ask that we stop at maybe, 10?  I'm good with 9, but about a month after this baby is born, I'll be 42.  Now I do know people who are 45 and having babies- but I would prefer- not to- that's just my preference.  Now- a little more NFP knowledge.  According to studies done on women with large families- sometimes, even though family history might indicate early menopause, studies have shown that some women, who have larger family sizes and babies later in life- tend to have menopause pushed back slightly- instead of 50- it might be 55, etc.  Not always the case, but it seems to be something worth noting.  I of course, have no idea when I'll go through menopause- it's not something I ever discussed with my diseased grandmother on my mother's side, and my dad's mother passed away before I was born.  My mom had a hysterectomy when she was very young (mid 30's?) so the actual menopause time is not definitive.  So.......

I could technically have many more years of fertility.  "gulp..." 

My #4 was probably the most excited.  She screamed.  She actually has been lately saying her prayers and praying for another baby.  Which is kind of funny because I think they all are really more aware of how much harder it is to have a large family- even her- but it hasn't stopped her prayers for another one.  She was dancing around and singing and shouting.  Someone is excited.

My oldest two were indifferent- my only son #2, probably realizes at this point, it's going to be tough to achieve a boy- and even if it IS a boy- well, the 13 1/2 year difference will make it tough for lego play....but he's once again saying, "I hope it's a boy, THIS TIME..."

I'm pretty sure my #3-the one I homeschool, was already figuring in her head where on EARTH this one is going to sleep.  Pretty sure, she's planned her departure from this family not a minute before she graduates from high school.... she's my middle child and according to that book, "Birth Order," she is middle child to a tee.  

That leaves #6.  She's completely oblivious to #7's potential arrival.  She barely speaks and is getting used to running the show around here- but if there is one positive I have found in even thinking about how nutty we are is that- #6 really is far away from the older 5.  The youngest was 4 when she was born, so she really would grow up without much of a playmate and my kids have always had playmates (my older two are 18 months apart-and they played so well together when smaller!)  Now #6 will have a playmate and that makes me very happy. 

Seven isn't so bad at all. 

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