Monday, October 31, 2016

The Real Life Screwtape Letters....

I finally did it.  I finally stepped away, deleted it from my phone, and walked to the other side.

I hopped off social media and it's been amazing.

I did hop back on yesterday to Facebook to post some hysterically old pictures of  my superhero hubs and I and our wedding party in honor of our 20th wedding anniversary.  The likes and  the comments made me feel good and suddenly that familiar feeling of, 'how many likes do I  have,' or 'Who has or hasn't commented yet?' started seeping in.

Like a fungus.

And then like everything else, I began to scroll through and waste time on social media and within minutes, felt my blood pressure rising as the political comments and storms and voices of highly opinionated  people continued to flood my feed.  So many people coming at odds with each other and the most disappointing aspect?

The people of my faith.  Catholics.  Each finding something to spew about each candidate.  How some are voting for the truly proven biggest pro-abortion politician to ever grace our political world.  How some are voting for the pig, narcissistic, woman grabbing, whore mongrel candidate. And how even some people are considering a third party vote, which if  anyone has ever taken a math class, would know that  there is no way on God's green earth a third party member will ever win. Which sucks, but it's true.....

Although I laugh about my vote in New York, it really is quite sad that my vote could potentially not really  matter in this or any election when there are so many people, extremely co-dependent on government assistance, voting one specific way every time.  It's high time the government cut the cord, so to speak, and  started teaching people how to fish, instead of feeding them constantly.

But I digress.

Let me back track to my original concern.  My Catholic peeps.

This election has truly brought out the ugly in all of us.  I can honestly say,  that  I have had my share of comments to people I felt were crazy.  I was beginning to be an angry person myself and found myself resenting people I had a great deal of respect for and admired tremendously.  I was losing my temper with my own personal family here at home, and avoiding friends at all cost.  Which isn't terribly hard to do as of  late, since my social life consists of mad dashes to Wegman's for lunch meat or BJ's for diapers.  Which, thanks to the political storm teams, has been ok by me!

I have read blogs, Facebook posts, Instagram accounts, news articles and heard people of  my faith, say things that I'm fairly certain, they would be extremely embarrassed to say if Jesus Christ was standing right there.  I just feel sick about it!  Do people not get it?  This is feeding right into the Devil's hands!  Hasn't ANYONE read the Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis?  I can write a whole chapter on what Screwtape is writing to Wormwood right now....I won't, but I could, and it would go something like this:

"My Dearest Wormwood,

It's working quite well now, this subtle introduction to the  people of the Catholic faith that they are each, individually, far superior than their neighbor.  That everything they say is right and everything anyone else who disagrees is, well, wrong of course....You've done brilliantly in asserting ideas into their heads about the 'right' way to be, and  the 'right' way to vote and even such delusions in making them think that if they size it all up by stating 'mercy' and 'there are no lesser evils' than they'll be victorious!  The wonderful thing is, the division!!!  It started so many, many years ago, but this-this election!!  I could not have laid out the success of these results so far if I had tried! The division is spreading. They are definitely turning to Our Father Below without even realizing and turning away from The Enemy quite splendidly!
I wouldn't change a thing my dear nephew!  Keep convincing them that this divisiveness is for their own good, that this will "cleanse" the Church, and  that in the end, it is they who will be victorious, regardless of how their neighbor feels.  Glorious.  Our father below will be quite proud, quite proud in deed!"

Read the book if you haven't.  It's quite good and very relevant to today's times.

I don't know if I'll ever jump back on Facebook full  throttle again after this election.  I honestly, would  really like to find a farmhouse on some land, or a cabin in the mountains far off the grid.  I mean, extreme off the grid.  No cell phones, no computers, no nothing.  I have truly been in such better spirits stepping away.

It just seems we've all kind of gotten this really kind of narcissistic attitude about pretty much everything.  Oh I hear words like, mercy, and justice, but in the same voice I hear hurtful, ugly, words that wouldn't dare be uttered before, Him, so why utter them when not?

I have really tried to teach my kids to think about others all the time.  As kids, it's a struggle- and believe me, my husband and I are swimming upstream most days in this  teaching, but when we hear people close to us, condemning, judging, even yelling and swearing at others, or even just plugging their ears to avoid any kind of conversation, I really must wonder what type of society we're letting ourselves become.  As we get more and more advanced, and technology gets more and more creative, and literally seeping into every corner of our lives, where virtually nothing is silent and sacred and private anymore, we seem to be becoming more isolated, alone, depressed, and defensive.

Maybe it's just me.

Maybe everyone out there thinks this is all normal and par for the course of life.

Maybe that's why I won't have any trouble, hunkering down, and closing the door, and just enjoying doing what God entrusted me to do.  Raise my family.  Love my husband, welcome my neighbors, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and imprisoned, and not update everyone on how I feel they are wrong and I am right.....always.... ;)..... Just a thought.....

Read "The Screwtape Letters" if you haven't.  It might surprise you how relevant it is today.....