Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Musings with a cup of Joe...

Well, since my Throw up Thursday came and went AGAIN, I will try another version of the "seven quick takes" for Friday.

We'll call it, FREAKY FRIDAY....

Cause it's been just that.

First up on my "Freaky Friday" agenda is what I believe is the answer to where the ants are coming from under my house.  I will post  the video I think you will find both fascinating, and super incredibly disgusting...

Yep.  Did you watch it?  That's under my basement.  Maybe even beyond my backyard, heck, the whole thing could be surrounding my entire property considering I live on .9 of an acre lot....

Which explains WHY I can't seem to get rid of my nASSSty ants....

The next three "Freaky Friday" moments revolve around a certain tiny terrorist who lives in my house who we will just refer to as, Taz.

Taz has had a bit of a busy week or two in this house.  Something about the age of a 2 1/2 year old.  I'd like to say that after raising 5 babies past the age of 2, I could be considered somewhat of an expert, but I want to assure ANYONE who reads my blog that I'm nothing of the sort.

If anything?  I'm getting WORSE at this parenting thing.  (Just ask the teenagers in this house-talk about brutal honesty...)

This is Taz.  Last Saturday, my amazing SuperMan husband brought her from the older girl's room into our room.  Notice anything about her eyes?  Hair?  Chest?

Yes.  She got into some make up.  Lip gloss and lipstick actually do not come out of hair as easy as one would think....

Today- just a week from that debacle above, I got the hair brained idea that we should just bite the bullet and get the Taz potty trained.  I mean, she's 30 months for goodness sake.  At this rate, she'll be heading to UPK with a big ole Luvs Monkey on her butt....

Oh boy.  Next time I get a hair brained idea like that, someone, ANYONE, please smack me in the head.... HARD.

Like I said, after potty training five kids, getting them past the terrible 2's, I guess I got a little cocky that I could handle a little obstinate, adorable Taz....

I felt so bad when my oldest, the 15 year old, called while I was at the dermatologist, to inform me that Taz had peed on herself, twice.  And to beat all?

She was demanding M&M's.

Cause I'm a briber from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back.

That's right.  I bribe little terror two olds with M&M's so they will pee in the toilet.  Pooping is the bonus, but do you think my Taz understood that?

Why no.   After peeing all over both outfits, she demanded my oldest feed her M&Ms. 

After all, she went pee.

When I returned from the appointment, we tried it again.  This time, I showed her the toilet, I told her to put her peepee IN the toilet, and I told her she would get an M&M if she did.

Third times charm, right?


Third outfit for the day.  Done.  No M&M.

So guess who's back in her diaper?  

The third "Freaky Friday" moment also has taken place this week.  And also involves the two year old little terror.

For some reason, she has decided she doesn't need a nap!

Now, I don't know about anyone else out there, but I wake up with minions, and I go to bed with minions.  So nap times?   They are my glorious, quiet, let me take a sip of coffee without interruption, maybe I'll get a prayer in, time!!!! 

To say this little terror is giving up her naps is a bad thing is a TOTAL understatement.  

What am I going to do when the older minions go back to school in just a little over 4 weeks?  The baby is just now finally getting on a more predictable schedule and coincidentally napping in the afternoon at the same time Taz is supposed to!! 

This.Is.Unacceptable.  I am getting flustered just thinking about it.  Talk amongst yourselves....

Me.  Getting verclemt. 

I think I'll end my "Freaky Friday" session now.  I need a good cup of Joe.  Which I will leave you with a great picture I found at Hobby Lobby this week.  Might just buy it and put it on my front door...

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