Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Seeing Him in Everything...

Yesterday was November 11th.  Veteran's Day.  A day to remember all those who have died fighting for our freedom and all those who have served throughout the history of our great country.  It was, at least in the Western part of New York, an absolutely glorious day.  In more ways than one.

The day started out with blue skies and warmed considerably through out.  We had several goals for the day, one being my 28 week OB appointment, running a couple of errands after (ok, picking up some Christmas gifts AND torturing my husband by 'forcing' him to go to Hobby Lobby), and getting two cars sprayed with something I equate with polyurethane but since I don't know what it is- I will just keep it at that-it protects the under belly of the cars from all the salt and yuck they put out during the winter season.

My husband also wanted to get both vehicles washed and cleaned inside and out before our afternoon car appointments so the kids were appointed with that job as I wanted to clean out my flower beds (at least the front one since we need to get our Christmas decorations in the ground before it freezes and won't unfreeze until March....  It appeared to be a busy day for certain, but let me tell you what an amazing day it was for all of us.  Most especially me.

My husband was off of work.  It IS a federal holiday, ya know, so we started the morning off together.  I LOVE waking up with him and he being here for the day.  I absolutely cherish his days off and look forward to each one hoping we can spend the maximum amount of time together.  It is always a great day when he's home.

He set out to exercise in the basement and I set out to relax in bed.... :)  I do have my priorities.  When he finished, he made oatmeal for the family and rushed us to get ready before we lost precious time in all our outdoor activities and because he knew we had to leave soon and wanted the van cleaned before we left for my appointment that morning.

The kids had a blast cleaning the cars.  Perhaps too much fun, but the fun the youngest one had was almost too much!

She was the master washer.  That license plate was clean as a whistle when she finished.  And when she finished, she was soaked.  Head to toe.  It was so darn cute.  I couldn't believe how she would take her sponge and dip it ALL THE WAY IN the water.  It was hilarious.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day and it brought to mind something my oldest and I heard this weekend when we were working on her religion assignment.  It was how sometimes, all you have to do is think to know there is a God.  Today proved that over and over again.

She's taking this amazing Confirmation class using these incredible videos and book that I so wish I had when I was kid.  It takes the truth of our faith and really connects it to our hearts.  She really got a lot out of what they were saying on the videos.

Something can't really be made from nothing.  A great painting has a great painter, a great book has a great author, a beautiful sculpture has a sculptor who created all these things.
Just like one day a printing press full of words and letters didn't just explode from nothing and 'voila' a dictionary appeared, a great mass of thousands of objects didn't just explode in space and 'voila' a great Universe appeared.  There has to be a master designer.  Things are too amazing for there not to be.  The seasons, the moon, the rotation of our planets around the sun, the SUN!  I mean, a great designer had to put all this together!  Just like creators of art, something or some ONE had to put our amazing universe together.

Sitting outside as I picked and cleaned out the weeds and dead plants from my garden, the younger two were talking about why we were doing this.  Mostly because I was making them help me instead of cleaning out the van, I suppose the trade off wasn't much better, but the 6 year old said if we cut all this out, there won't be anymore plants for next year.  I simply said, we aren't cutting them out, we're trimming them, and hoping that the winter isn't too harsh and they come back in the spring.  Sometimes they don't because they died deep down in the winter because it was just too cold for them to bare.   And isn't that what happens when we lose our faith?  Something trims our branches so low, we think they've died and will never grow back.  But the amazing thing about being baptized in Christ, is that there is always another chance to grow back.  Literally.  God is always with us.  God is always with us.  We should say that every single morning and perhaps we might start believing it.  Sitting there yesterday, it was almost too easy to believe it!  I was feeling the warmth of the sun on my face, the cool breeze that blew, and watching the kids (and even several neighbors out) be outside just soaking in the last of the nice weather before winter sets in and causes us to mostly lie in a dormant state, much like the plants in the ground that I've cut down.  We wait until spring to really come out and play again, much like the plants/trees and grass in our world.  What an amazing cycle of life we live in.  When you see the beauty of our world, you can't help but think, Who created all this?  Was this just a chance?  A fluke?  How could it be that way?  How could something come from nothing?  It's impossible for me to believe it came from nothing.  I see Him everywhere and in everything.

I hope my oldest was able to take what she had watched this weekend and apply it to our amazing day yesterday.  I hope, and my prayer for her and all of my children, is that they never take those moments for granted.  That they never trim themselves so short, that they lose their faith.  God is always with us.  He's closer to us than we even realize at times.  We just have to look for Him, and we'll see Him in everything.

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