Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May Already????

I really have no idea where the time goes.  March was really my last blog and there have been so many amazing, sad, incredible, boring, things that have happened to me, my family, the world, I just won't even bother to bore you with the updates.... ;)

The fact that it's already May 20th means many things.  For one, there is one month of school left.  Which also means, one month of homeschooling left.  Alleluia!  Now I'm not being sarcastic, or super duper excited, I'm just thrilled we've almost made through this half a year and we're both still alive!!!  Ok, not that one of us wouldn't be alive, but of all my kiddos- this child that I home school, is the one MOST like me, and with all the bad of me shoved in one little being.... so that sometimes makes for some emotional class time....in more ways than one!!  She's doing super and just the other day, her dad says to me, "I don't know how you've done it, but I've seen such an amazing change in her...."  I can't take all the credit- I simply removed her from a bad situation, helped her to build up her confidence and encouraged her to be who God made her to be.  Most of the time, children just need love, affirmation, and hugs and their wings spread without all that goofy school stuff jumbling it up.... :)  Not that we've given up learning, mind you....

So on the home front, we literally have one month to go before, for the most part, schedules are thrown out the window.  Praise the Lord!  I am still praying about my oldest daughter.  She is 14 and will be starting High school this fall and has been accepted at Chesterton Academy of Buffalo, which is really, really, really cool, but also really, really, really expensive for us ole southern folk with too many kiddos living in a really 'spensive state to budget realistically.  I've been praying for that miracle that great Aunt JuJu Bug (yes, I'm aware that's from Skippy Jon Jones) will pass and leave us her small fortune left in her mattress, but until then, I'm praying like a mad woman.... I know she'll do fine wherever she attends, but my hearts desire is to see her happy with school once again.  It's been a rough year for this sweet girl...And no need to remind or name names, but girls at this age, sometimes, just plain suck..... (I suppose boys can be too, but right now, girls are just.plain.mean....)

So.....if that old relative doesn't pass, or forgets to leave us her fortune, I am considering home schooling her as well.  It's a daunting task, but she keeps asking.  How can I refuse?  She's such a sweet, good, girl and works so hard in all she does-I feel I have to give it a try!

The smallest peanut of the bunch turns 15 months next week and it just makes me so terribly sad and happy all the same when I see how big she is getting.  She's doing so much and learning so much.  She is a crazy picky eater, one day eating her weight in spaghetti and sauce and the next acting as though it's contaminated with kryptonite.... She's absolutely hysterical and makes us all laugh....the kids adore her and some treat her like their rag doll....needless to say, her arms are still in socket for now....

The only boy in the bunch has been doing marching band for the middle school and since you can't walk with a french horn, he plays the malaphone.  It's actually like a gigantic swollen trumpet.  Very cool.  If I was technically talented, I would post a video of him practicing his march while playing, but since I'm seriously technically challenged, you'll have to pretend in your mind....
He's memorized all his pieces and sounds very cool.  I'm very impressed with him.

The 8 year old had her end of the year piano recital last night.  I get so darn emotional at those things.  I want all my kids to play the piano and so far, not a single one of them has decided to stick with it- which is fine, all I ask for is two years of lessons, learning how to read music, and they've all decided to stick with their band instruments.  Our house is quite the concert series at times.  A flute, french horn, (now malaphone), clarinet, and piano.  Wondering what the 8 year old will get for band next year.  She would like drums.... hmmmm... not sure about that one....

The 5 year old is about to finish up Kindergarten.  Talk about growing up.  She's lost a ton of teeth and is getting so tall that she's losing that sweet baby face.  Thankfully she wanted her hair cut short, so that kept her sweet baby face a while longer.... :)

I've read some really good books lately, too.  'Saint John Paul the Great' is phenomenal.  I would recommend this book to anyone, Catholic or not, just to get a fresh reminder of what life was like when Germany was invading so many countries, including Poland, the death and destruction they inflicted.
I am currently reading a book by Scott Hahn titled, "Evangelizing Catholics."  It's also a fantastic read.  For those who know Scott Hahn writings, you know his writings can be a tad over me head- he's just theologically brilliant and knows scripture forwards, backwards, and sideways.  This book, though, much like Rome Sweet Home, is an easy, understandable read.  I have learned so much and made mental notes and physical notes all over the book!  He's so spot on that in order for our faith to continue we must teach it to our children.  He notes that parents are the FIRST AND FOREMOST catechists!  I can't tell you how many times in all the years I've been married how many people have relied on religion classes, or Catholic schools to be their children's teacher.  I even had a parent tell me, "I really don't know anything, so I know you'll teach them what they need to know..."  I wish I had this book when they had said that!!!  So many people decide because they "don't know" something, that they either don't try, or take a very standoffish attitude.  I am very interested in learning how to re-evangelize parents (some evangelize for the first time!!) in regards to the sacraments because it breaks my heart in a million pieces when I see First Communion at my church (and really, at most churches these days).  I am praying about a way to fit my love of the Eucharist into something that we can use for not only the children, but for parents as well.

Some how, we've got to make a head to heart connection....somehow.  :)

Hopefully it won't be two more months before I blog again.... :)

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