Thursday, October 10, 2013

A new day and a new blog...

This is going to be my new blog “site.”  I’m afraid I had quite a frightening experience, that perhaps was mostly one sided on my part, but you know when you see something that just doesn’t sit right with you and it really starts eating at your heart?  I have this really weird sense of people.  You can ask my husband, I have single handedly predicted the jail time of at least TWO people I’ve come into contact with. 
I’m totally serious.  You’re totally rolling your eyes at me right now, but I will swear to it!!! There was the Department of Motor Vehicles dude who decided to take a 5 minute “coke” break after every single customer and had the nerve to tell me I didn’t have all the necessary paper work to process our new Honda Passport (back in 1998).  I watched this man for hours – cause that’s how long the wait was, and when I went back with my “proper” paperwork, I watched him AGAIN for hours.  I pegged him as a future prison prospect and voiced my concerns to my husband.  Who works in the field of arresting such folks, so I felt he should just consider it a favor I was doing him….
Humph….  Seriously, though?  After we were transferred, that dude was arrested along with several of his closest friends for stealing vehicle id numbers….
Doubt me still? 
There was the dude who was doing all kinds of crazy things to his house in the neighborhood we rented from while we were waiting for our house to be built.  I was pregnant with our 2nd at the time and would push my oldest in her stroller almost every day and almost every day he was 1) home- 2) doing strange and bizarre things outside his house – almost trying to camouflage  his house in a sense, or at least hide his front porch. 
Well guess what? His bizarre behavior triggered that really weird sensation in me that said this guy was up to NO GOOD.  I voiced my concerns to my husband again, thinking he might possibly be grateful for such an investigative wife, and his response?  “You think everyone is doing something suspicious.”
That is not entirely true.  I am NOT that super paranoid.  Alrite, at times I can be, but THAT time I was not and would you believe, the dude was arrested after a bank down the road was robbed?
Yep.  He was a bank robber.
So I’m 2 for 2 in the ‘spot creepy people world’ and when this “blog situation” occurred yesterday, once again that really weird sensation started flaming again.  I mean to the point of me becoming completely freaked out by it because I didn’t know who this nut was from Adam and he was in that World Wide Web and could be ANYWHERE!!!!
He started following my blog, which is cool, because that’s what bloggers do. We follow each other and learn from each other and laugh with each other and cry with each other.  But this guy was anything but a “fellow” blogger.  He was some big giant conspiracy theorist.   Unfortunately,  the frightening conspiracy was with my Church and he had this lineage of how my Church has been involved with all the creepy people of the world for the last 2000 years and how Catholics are the whore of Babylon (which, forgive me, I am well aware of people who feel this way about my Church). For him to compare us to terrorists who are trying to take over every government system in the world, and call leaders Nazi lovers and how now we’re trying to take over the American government, well, you can’t blame a girl for being a tad worried, can you?
I suppose there was the small chance he was harmless, but nothing I read on his blog indicated that what so ever.  NOTHING>  If anything, I felt it was my civic duty to report him to my husband who read over his blog, too, and then looked at me and said, “you know we don’t have time to just watch nuts right?”
Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you big guy.  I predict this dude will be arrested in some big time cyber planned attack foiled by our government (or aka the Catholics).  You heard it here first and you can chide my husband with me when I tell him, “told you so.”
But until then, I’ve decided to just write in my word perfect until something else comes along.  I have entirely too many squirrels going on in my head to keep them pent up because of one little nut in the world.  (Even though his nuttiness is a tad more frightening than most)
Now to finish my cup of coffee and take my little peanut for a walk.
Who knows what (or who) I may see……..

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  1. This is terrifying but that heavens you seem to have a built in criminal radar!! I am proud of you for taking down your other fabulous blog for the safety of yourself and possibly your family.