Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Happy Anniversary to my Superhero Hubs....

I don't mean our wedding anniversary....I think, I hope I would be in greater trouble for forgetting that one....But yes, I made a huge blunder this weekend.

I forgot my husband's anniversary with his job.

Why is that a big deal?

Because my husband has loved his job since before day 1.  He waited "patiently" for many years to even have the opportunity to be what he is today.  I met him when I was just 18 years old and he was about to be freshly graduated from college with his "easy" token to get in, a degree in Accounting.  Determined to not settle, that man never gave up.  Not one day went by when he didn't lose focus.  He didn't do anything too stupid to risk not getting in, or affecting his application.  He had known since high school the easiest way to get in was a degree in accounting.

There's an endless amount of white collar crime in this world.

He knew everything he needed to do.  He did everything required of him.

And he waited.

For four grueling years he waited.

When the freeze was finally lifted, he waited.

When "affirmative action" meant he would be placed at the back of the line, he waited.

He never gave up.


He's the reason why I am who I am today.  I have watched this man for 25 years work tirelessly and passionately in everything he ever encounters.  From his days playing rugby, to waiting for this 'dream job,' to planning his retirement, he works hard.  He works endlessly.  He's up by 6am most days (which is about an hour later these days than in the beginning, but kids tend to do that to a person....) and out the door and at the gym before most are even eating breakfast.

He celebrated 21 years at his dream job this past Sunday.  May 28th, 2017 was his 21st anniversary at the only job he ever envisioned himself doing from the get go.

And I forgot it.

I guess after his 20 year celebration last year (which I did commemorate with a gift, BTW-didn't forget) I just kinda forgot to make note of it.  And really, I should know better, because every year since entering, he's always talked about it.  And I can't blame him.  If you had been waiting since you were in HS for your dream job, only to have the hiring process freeze for years, and then other people who may or may not have been more qualified be hired before you, you would understand his desire to always remember the day he entered this job.

I'll never forget it.

We were engaged to be married, pending the job.  Seriously.  He was not prepared to marry me until he had a good, stable, well paying job to support us.  I admired him so much, at times annoyingly simply because of my lack of maturity and selfishness, but looking back now, 21 years later, I can see how God molded our relationship and it included his job, my immaturity, his work ethic, and so much more.

I was young, selfish and kind of a brat when it came to what I wanted....  God knew that.  He also knew that the one way to help me understand that, was to place the most awesome, practical, sensible, terribly handsome man in my life to help me realize that.  He appealed to every sense I had with my superhero hubs... :)  Down to the cologne this man wears.... HA.

I sometimes couldn't understand why this man wouldn't marry me until he had a stable job, I mean, he was working at a mental health hospital with a day treatment program helping adults maintain some semblance of a normal everyday life living with mental illness.  I felt that was adequate to support us and I certainly was poised to get a decent job at the school I student taught at, so I couldn't understand why he felt it so necessary to wait.

The important thing overall, was that he was my best friend, and I could still see past my silly selfish self and see that if it was important to him, it would be important to me as well.

I remember the month he received the phone call delivering the message he was accepted.  He had just disconnected his phone line where he lived and was planning on moving home until he was accepted.  They couldn't get in touch with him, so I was the next contact.  Imagine my surprise when the job called ME to tell me they needed to get in touch with HIM and congratulate him on his appointment.

It was yet another gift from God, despite not recognizing it for many, many years.....

Many of us are like that.  Shoot, I still am.

I miss His messages.  Even when I get the phone call and hear it right in my ear.  God showed me that patience pays off.  Perseverance is important.  Honor and integrity are worthy characteristics.

Instead, I heard, "NOW WE CAN PLAN THE WEDDING!!!"

So, of course, my priorities were in place.

But, thanks be to God, our relationship has grown exponentially in the last 25 years of knowing each other.  In so many ways.

But I still mess up, and Sunday I messed up, but I'm going to make it up to him.  I'm going to SING TO THE ROOFTOPS,  how proud I am of this man I call my Superhero Hubs.

He is the bravest, strongest, kindest, faith filled, handsome, loving, giving, generous, man I know.  He is an awesome cook.  A better father than I could have EVER imagined for our children.  A man of God who never wavers, despite the hostility sometimes felt by others.

I'm so utterly amazed by him, I thank God for him everyday.  He works hard.  He has never cut corners.  He never kisses up to anyone for the chance at 'something better.'
He works hard and expects others to do nothing less as well.  He's sometimes disappointed and let's that get to him, but who doesn't.

He is a rock.  He is amazing.

Thank you, sweetie, for not only keeping your family safe for all these 21 years, but for everyone else in this world you have worked tireless for, even under adversity.  Even with the negative world who would rather watch you fail,  Thank you for always seeing the glass half full and teaching me to do the same.

Thank you for listening to God and being exactly the man He made you to be.

Love you smoofee.

I have posted some pictures, the most 'non-threatening' ones, that won't reveal too much about his work.  He's very particular about that, and I struggle with respecting it because frankly, I really do want to shout to the rooftops what he does and how much he does and how much the public is just completely stupid to believe everything ugly the media says about his job.  But I digress.

Dear Superhero hubs,

I'm sorry I forgot your anniversary, babe- but I hope this makes up for it just a little bit.  I'm so proud of you and all you have done and are doing, and will do for the next nine more years until we can retire together (well, ok, you will retire....) and spend the rest of our days together with our crazy crew.  I love you so much.

Your crazycatholicmomma wife.....

He wrote me letters during our 16 weeks apart!

One of our dating pics...
His bride...
These are just some of the millions of pics I have.
Isn't he handsome?

Teaching his team repelling...

This picture got many laughs from friends-'which way did he go?'

One of his many 'work cars.'

I see my children in his smile....

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