Thursday, March 26, 2015

Oh where art thou, you spring time?

I'm seriously dealing with some difficult post partum.  That's why today, you are getting a second dose of my blogging.  In two short days.  Because if I don't write- I'll explode.  Ok.  I won't explode.  But it's March 26, 2015 and I'm losing my mind slowly but surely.  Do you want to see the biggest cause today of that?  Ok.

This is unacceptable. 

 See that?  That white stuff is what is aiding in my semi depressive state today.  SNOW.  I am a snow lover.  When we moved here, I was one of the ONLY people excited about snow in this entire area.  But today?  I'm done.  I'm completely done.  I'm wearing capri pants and dying to go flip flop shopping.  I'm dying to just GET OUT OF MY HOUSE.  I have been literally cooped up in my house for EIGHT WEEKS!  Minus a billion doctors appointments and hospital visits.  Which, I'm done with.  You can only have so much fun spending your retirement at pediatric clinics, urgent cares, and children's hospitals.  I'm done!!

Do you want to see what is holding me together today?

I love the man who sent this....

 This man loves me so darn unconditionally I can NOT catch my breath when I think about it.  Seriously.  That sounds incredibly disgustingly mushy, but mark my words. I am more in love with this man today, than I have ever been.  LOOK AT WHAT HE SAID!!!!   An incredibly hormonal mess texts him that she's having a really bad time and is just super depressed and a hot mess and LOOK WHAT HE RESPONDS WITH!!!  I get teary eyed when I read what he says.  'With God's help and Grace we'll get through this....'  I love this man!  What an incredible man of faith.  How far he has come in the 23 years I've known him!  How much his faith and love of the Catholic church has grown.  Just a blessing that I don't deserve!!!

So he sent me this text after my slightly small mini meltdown when I saw it snowing this morning.  I have not been able to get outside and walk during the day because it's been so cold and I just don't feel comfortable enough to get the littlest peanut out in it.

Now the other peanut?  I'll show you what this being cooped up is doing to her!!!

No fear child here...
She needs to get out as well.  Experience the warmth of sunshine and ride her little Dora bike around the driveway and ride in the double stroller with her baby sister and laugh and just BE OUTSIDE!!  But I can't take her outside.  It's not only snowing, but it's freezing.  Because, as you know, snow falls when it's COLD.  Not warm.  So there you go.

Now that my children are arriving home from school, the opportunity to vent to my blog is depleting.  They tend to talk.  A LOT.  And it's usually about nothing.  But that's ok.  I like listening to their conversations about nothing.  At least they are talking.  I must admit that.  But I'll leave you with another shot of the older peanut dropping a photo bomb.  Her first.  Yes, I'm beyond proud.  She's taking after her momma....
See the little photo bomber behind two of my cuties?

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